The churches of the Royal Saxon Way

There are 24 current and former places of Christian worship on the linear route of the Royal Saxon Way.  As well as 16 parish churches, there is the redundant church at West Stourmouth, the former military church and chapel at Shorncliffe Camp, the ruined chapel at Well near Littlebourne, and the abbey site at Minster, now occupied by St Mildred’s Priory.  In Lyminge there is the current Methodist Church and a former Methodist Chapel converted into houses.  We have also included the parish church at Ickham, which is not on the main route, but provides a pleasant diversion on the way between Littlebourne and Wickhambreaux.  Finally, if you walk the Folkestone-Lyminge loop, you will encounter the highest church in Kent: the tiny, ancient church at Paddlesworth.  The unusual dedication suggests a connection to Northumbria that could indicate it was founded as early as the 7th Century, although the current structure is only around 1,000 years old.

St Mary and St Eanswythe FolkestoneSt Mary and St Eanswythe, Folkestone (© Rob Baldwin)

St Paul SandgateSt Paul, Sandgate, (© Rob Baldwin)

Garrison Catholic Church ShorncliffeThe former Shorncliffe Garrison Catholic Chapel (now the Gurkha Visitor Centre) (© Rob Baldwin)

Garrison Anglican Church ShorncliffeThe former Shorncliffe Garrison Anglican Church (now the Tower Theatre) (© Rob Baldwin)

St Martin, Cheriton (© Rob Baldwin)

St Nicholas Newington

St Nicholas, Newington (© Rob Baldwin)

Methodist Church Lyminge

Methodist Church, Lyminge (© Rob Baldwin)


Former Methodist Chapel Lyminge

Former Methodist Chapel, Lyminge (© Rob Baldwin)

St Mary the Virgin Elham

St Mary the Virgin, Elham (© Rob Baldwin)

St John the Baptist Barham

St John the Baptist, Barham (© Rob Baldwin)

St Giles KingstonSt Giles, Kingston (© Rob Baldwin)

St Mary Bishopsbourne

St Mary, Bishopsbourne (© Rob Baldwin)

St Peter Bridge

St Peter, Bridge (© Rob Baldwin)

St Mary Patrixbourne

St Mary, Patrixbourne (© Rob Baldwin)

St Peter Bekesbourne

St Peter, Bekesbourne (© Rob Baldwin)

Well Chapel Well Chapel, near Littlebourne (© Rob Baldwin)


St Vincent LittlebourneSt Vincent, Littlebourne (© Rob Baldwin)

St John the Evangelist IckhamSt John the Evangelist, Ickham (© Rob Baldwin)

St Andrew Wickhambreaux

St Andrew, Wickhambreaux (© Rob Baldwin)

St Mildred Preston

St Mildred, Preston (© Rob Baldwin)

All Saints West Stourmouth

All Saints’, West Stourmouth – now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust (© Rob Baldwin)

St Mary Minster

St Mary, Minster-in-Thanet (© Rob Baldwin)

St Mildreds Priory Minster

St Mildred’s Priory, Minster-in-Thanet (© Rob Baldwin)

St Oswald PaddlesworthSt Oswald, Paddlesworth (© Rob Baldwin)


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