Stay in Lyminge Parish

Sheep on Tolsford HillSheep on Tolsford Hill above Etchinghill (© Rob Baldwin)

View from Tolsford HillView over Folkestone and the English Channel from Tolsford Hill (© Rob Baldwin)



BluebellsBluebells in Lyminge Forest (© Rob Baldwin)

Tayne Field from the church towerLooking north across Lyminge village and along the Elham Valley from the church tower (© Rob Baldwin)

Longage Hill and Lyminge ForestLongage Hill and Lyminge Forest (© Rob Baldwin)

We generally recommend to use internet search engines to identify suitable holiday accommodation in and around the parish.  Self-catering accommodation is available through portals such as AirBNB and VRBO.  Camping pitches and sites for caravans/motor homes can be found through The Caravan Club or UK Campsite.

There are no hotels close by and visitors are recommended to consider either Canterbury or Folkestone for this kind of accommodation.  The pubs in the parish do not currently have rooms available, but there are pubs in the broader locality that can accommodate visitors.  Not all are currently offering what they did before the Covid lock-down, so you are advised to check availability well in advance.

Please note that Lyminge Parish Council is unable to endorse specific locations for accommodation within the parish.  

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