Neighbourhood Plan


Steering group meeting: 19.04.24 18:30 - Coach and Horses

Village walk-abouts: 21.04.24 10:00 - Lyminge walk-about - meet on Tayne Field (near Primary School)

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On 24.02.24 we held a great event at Lyminge Village Hall, this event was for looking to the future and featured the areas we will be focussing on when putting together the Neighbourhood Plan.

You can view the event materials here and the results/findings of the event here. The event findings give you a good indication at the sort of things we could implement with the Neighbourhood Plan so give it a good read and get inspired. 

If you want to get involved, you can follow this link to our shared file where you can add your name to specific tasks! If you would like to join our mailing list contact

Areas of particular interest:


Considering local housing needs including types, mix, tenure, affordability etc. 

History and Heritage

Character and Design of development. A policy that will set out design aspirations and areas of local character. 

Conserving heritage assets

Heritage assets at risk  

Community (Tourism, economy, travel etc)

Improving walking and cycling by mapping out key movements and where improvements can be made.

Gathering information on tourism and visitors to the area.

Considering current community facilities and whether additional facilities are needed.


Safeguarding local green spaces and significant special views.

Community scale energy.

Biodiversity and wildlife corridors.